My 92 groundhopping back catalogue

Grounds I’ve visited in the Football League

Premier League

FA Cup semi final

Watford v Wolves – 7 April 2019

My blog on an extraordinary afternoon at Wembley for the FA Cup semi final is a bit late and shorter than usual. The reason being…
Chelsea v Bournemouth

Chelsea v Bournemouth – 31 January 2018

Stats and achievements weren’t the major reason for me getting into groundhopping. I just really like going to new grounds. My first visit to Stamford…
Manchester City v Burnley

Manchester City v Burnley – 21 October 2017

  Manchester City conjures up contrasting thoughts. Firstly, there is 90s City who were the downtrodden underdogs to their illustrious city neighbours. Secondly there is…
Spurs v Chelsea

Spurs v Chelsea – 20 August 2017

  Why Wembley, why Spurs? I’ve been to Wembley a few times, but only to see England friendlies and one-sided qualifiers. Every season I dream…


Millwall v Bolton

Millwall v Bolton – 12 August 2017

  An itch that had to be scratched… As a West Ham fan I’ve been conditioned to dislike three clubs above all others. I’m fairly…

League One

League Two

Barnet v Swansea

Barnet v Swansea – 12 July 2017

  Pre-season has begun as clubs and players across the land get match fit and prepare for the season ahead. It’s also a kind of…