Nigeria v Serbia

Times the World Cup has changed football forever

World Cups leave a lasting impression on fans of the game. We can all recall great memories of our favourite players greatest moments. The quadrennial tournament doesn’t just leave a legacy for us, however, it also helps shape the evolution of the sport.

The World Cup is one of the most watched sporting events on the planet. It serves as a shop window for players who are looking to move to the top leagues. It’s also a snapshot of the modern game, a chance for us to comment on what’s great about it and what it needs to improve.

World Cups have produced defining moments in the history of the game and many of the aspects of the game we take for granted now have come about as a reaction to the events witnessed by us fans, the media and the administrators of the game. Individual tournaments, sometimes single games, have been the catalyst for great change in the game and have led to the sport we know now.

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